Admission requirements

Industry experience

You must have a minimum of three years’ relevant industry experience in insurance, wealth management and private banking roles within the financial services industry.

Shared values

IFPAS believes practitioners should maintain the highest personal and professional behaviours to meet community expectations. Our values of integrity, fairness and honesty are the foundation of our objective to deliver positive consumer outcomes and enhance the reputation and credibility of financial advisers.

It is a requirement the practitioners and executives admitted to the HNW Certification share the same attitudes and commitments towards championing professional standards and higher education achievement.

Study intakes

The HNW Certification encompasses six subjects, each with a duration of three weeks.

Most participants aim to complete the programme within around nine months but with each subject available approximately every two months, you have the flexibility to plan your studies to suit your work and other commitments.


Are you an experienced financial services practitioner with demonstrated expertise in helping clients to fulfill their financial and lifestyle aspirations?

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